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virtual doula services

Virtual Doula Support

Having a birth and postpartum plan prenatally could only lead to a memorable birth and an enjoyable parenting experience.  Foi en la Femme is here to serve you to help you explore comfort techniques for pregnancy, planning for life after birth and help increase your chances of having a satisfying birth experience!

Included In This Package 

Prenatal  Education

  • What to expect during labor

  • Comfort techniques

  • Birthing positions

  • Making informed decisions in a hospital setting

  • Knowledge of Medical Interventions (Inductions, Pain relief & Cesareans)


  • Prenatal Handbook

  • Postpartum Handbook

  • Breastfeeding handbook


  • Birth Plan Template

  • Birth Affirmations

Birth Debrief

  • A safe space to share your story

  • A loving perspective, and guidance for next steps on your healing journey.

  • Recommendation of herbal allies and other techniques that can assist with your recovery.

The information I provide will come in handy as you approach labor so that you can feel more confident during the delivery process. You will receive a birth plan template which we can fill in and review together as well as a comprehensive handbook with tips to assist you with comfort techniques, labor positions, pain relief, affirmations and lots more. In your handbook you will also find information about cesarean births, pharmaceutical pain medications, stages of labor and what to expect in all these situations. My goal is to prepare you for your birthing day and be prepared to confidently make informed choices regardless the outcome.

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