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Virtual Birth & Postpartum Support

Virtual Doula

Whether you live in another state or country, or you just prefer to do things online, I offer 100% and partial digital doula services as we continue social distancing during this pandemic. That way you can still get care and support you need even at a distance.

Prenatal Support & Birth Preparation

Chilbirth Class Near Me

I take on a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. While offering Prenatal Support, my goal is to help reduce any stress, allowing you to pay attention to your body and your baby as you prepare to meet each other for the first time.

Postpartum Support

Chinese Confinement Period

The postpartum period is a very delicate time in a woman's life. While every birth is unique in its own way, it is comforting to know that women around have also just given birth along with you. Its important to acknowledge that after delivering your newborn, you too have just been born, as a mother. As your postpartum doula, I aim to provide traditional holistic care through nourishment, nurturing, breastfeeding support, and celebration. 

Postpartum Meal Planning

Postpartum Meal Preparation

Your postpartum period is about your physical and emotional healing and getting adjusted to your new life as you care for your baby. The last thing you should have to worry about is what you're going to eat and whether you're getting all your nutrients. Overtime I have created several nutrient dense recipes that are targeted to healing and nourishing new mums. With this service you, all you need to do is EAT tasty nutritious meals as you rest and recover. 

Pregnancy & Postpartum Herbal Products

Postpartum Herbs

While our bodies do a great job at repairing and healing itself, God has also blessed us with a plethora of herbs, roots and flowers that we can work with to obtain optimum body wellness. Overtime I have studied herbal healing remedies in the Southern Tradition for the pregnancy and postpartum period. I have since used this wisdom to create herbal product that assist in healing mums

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