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Postpartum Support

The birth of your baby can seem like an extremely long marathon, the only difference is, there's more work ahead after the race.  This can be extremely challenging for new a new mom as she gets adjusted to motherhood while still trying to enjoy the wonderful miracle she created. Having a postpartum doula in this time can help relieve the stress that comes with the early postpartum period. It's important to acknowledge that after delivering your newborn baby, you too have just been born, as a mother. Therefore, you deserve to be honoured, nurtured, nourished and celebrated!

Included In This Package 

Prenatal  Education

  • 2 prenatal meetings as you reach 36 weeks

  • Herbal education & products soreness, perineal tears, womb recovery and nourishment

  • Information on the best practices for proper postpartum recovery based on Traditional Moroccan and Malaysian Techniques

Postpartum Education

  • Postpartum Handbook

  • Breastfeeding handbook


  • Purchase womb recovery herbs at a discount

    • Womb Steam Blend​

    • Postpartum Recovery tea

    • Breastfeeding Tea

    • Nipples salve

Postpartum Rituals

  • Traditional Hammam Bath

  • Traditional Closing of the bones ceremony

  • Traditional Womb Steam

  • Traditional Belly binding in the Moroccan or Malaysian technique (material will be provided)

  • Nourishment with warming foods that promote healing and recovery

  • Postpartum Celebration of the New mother

As your postpartum doula, I aim to provide education, nourishment and offer ceremonial rituals to honour you as you heal during your postpartum journey. You deserve to be honoured, nurtured, nourished and celebrated after all the hard work and effort put forth during labor. While filling out your registry, be sure to add this package to your list as it can serve as a wonderful gift.

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Closing of the bones

It is a traditional ancient and sacred ritual native to Morocco. This healing ritual is performed using a traditional cloth called a Kourzia which is used to swaddle, pull and close the new mother from head to toe. The whole body is closed in an attempt to bring the organs, muscle, and bones back to a pre-pregnancy state. At the end of this ritual, Bell binding is performed using the same cloth (Kourzia).

This ritual represents the closing of the pregancy and birth phase & produces physical, emotional & spiritual experiences

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Womb Steaming

The purpose of the steam is to cleanse the womb & help heal the body. This ritual is common among Eastern nations as they recognise the immense benefits it can provide for women. For postpartum mothers, this ritual will help soothe stretched skin & sore perineum muscles & provide overall relief from the discomfort associated with vaginal birth. This ritual can also be added to every woman's self-care routine as a weekly routine for womb health.

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Belly Binding

Clients have a choice between Malaysian Bengkung Belly Binding and Moroccan Belly Binding. This technique helps to support the womb after birth and assist in getting the organs back into their original place while maintaining the integrity of your bones and posture. Belly binding is great, especially for breastfeeding moms who tend to slouch and bend over while breastfeeding or holding their babies. In addition to physical support, binding the belly helps to bring warmth to the abdomen and allows new mothers to feel more supported and secure after birth! And for the most exciting benefit, belly binding helps reduce that mommy pouch caused by abdominal muscle separation!

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Hamam Bath

This ritual is beneficial for both emotional and physical healing. 


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