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Here is what our Foi en la Femme Clients had to share about their experience!

Kat & Kyle

My partner and I absolutely LOVED learning from and working with Janelle. We can honestly say that without Janelle we would not have been as prepared for labor as we were. Her presence during all stages of birth (pre, labor, and post) was of calm and reassurance during a life-changing experience. Working with Janelle for the length of time that we did also allowed us to form a relationship that will last forever. She will be a part of our little ones' life forever.

Doulas Need Doula Care Too...

Kristen M.

Doula, 2nd time home birth mom

Matia. B

Doula, 1st time mom

Foi en la Femme Postpartum Reviews

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Elaine - Mom of 2

Janelle was a fantastic doula, and I would absolutely recommend her! I already plan on using her for any future births! During my pregnancy and postpartum period she was highly responsive via text, email or phone/ FaceTime.  Janelle is very easy going, and has a happy/ contagious attitude and spirit. She was knowledgeable about all of my options throughout my labor and birth and helped me know what to expect.  Even though this was my second pregnancy and birth, I learned a great deal more from her.  She has a true passion for her job, and it clearly resonates through her work. Throughout my labor, she knew exactly how to respond to my socials queues in between and during contractions.  Her suggestions were helpful and her encouragement was given in the right times. She went through many of the labor positions with me, helping me feel like we were working together.  I had a positive birth experience partly due to choosing Janelle as my doula. During home visits she helped around the house and offered suggestions for breastfeeding and postpartum bleeding/ cramping. Last but not least, she is a fantastic cook! She helped make my Victory Meal, and it was incredible <3. You will not regret going with Janelle!


1st time mom

Jacqueline & Bas'il

1st time Parents

Monica & Hunter - First Time Parents 

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Janelle throughout our entire pregnancy, labor & delivery and postpartum period. We appreciated everything we gained through her childbirth education classes, her support in creating a birth plan, her invaluable guidance during labor and delivery, and her care during the postpartum period. Thanks to Janelle, we were able to have the exact birth experience that we desired, and we are forever grateful! We highly recommend her!

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